It successfully follows “Dropout”- the series of events created by the filmmaker and fashion designer Lyle Derek under the sign of music, fashion and fun – with a party which will be held on 5th September 2012 in New York at the Demi Monde club, event coinciding with the New York Fashion Week, featuring the burlesque performer Katrina Darling  – cousin of Kate and Pippa Middleton – who will perform along with Lady Circus to celebrate the release of the Playboy magazine on whose cover she recently appeared, as well as “Intimates”, the new lingerie line by the Nineties super model Elle McPherson. Here it will be hosted also “Armour Beauty”, make-up brand created by the iconic singer – founder of celebrated band Lunachicks -, performer artist and model Theo Kogan, the jewels by Arido and the items in the downtown British clothing store Any Old Iron, the classic hair saloon Mudhoney and the sound suggestions by DJs Miss Guy and Prince. A not to be missed happening to enjoy music, fashion and fun in New York.


Prosegue felicemente “Dropout” – la serie di eventi creata dal regista e designer Lyle Derek all’ insegna di musica, moda e divertimento – che si terrà il 5settembre 2012 a New York presso il locale Demi Monde – evento che coinciderà con la New York Fashion Week – di cui sarà protagonista la performer burlesque Katrina Darling – cugina di Pippa e Kate Middleton – che si esibirà insieme a Lady Circus per celebrare la pubblicazione del magazine Playboy sulla cui copertina è recentemente apparsa “Intimates” e la nuova linea di lingerie della super modella degli anni Novanta Elle McPherson. Ivi sarà anche ospitati “Armour Beauty”, brand di make-up creato dalla iconica cantante – fondatrice della celebre band Lunachicks -, performer e modella Theo Kogan, i gioielli di Arido ed i capi di abbigliamento inglese della boutique Any Old Iron, il classico hair saloon Mudhoney e le suggestioni sonore dei DJ Miss Guy e Prince. Un evento imperdibile per apprezzare musica, moda e divertimento a New York.

Theo Kogan

Katrina Darling

Katrina Darling on Playboy