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David Bowie, photo by Albert Watson

David Bowie, photo by Albert Watson

A lots of concerts and events paid homage to David Bowie – legendary artist who passed away in January – that were held in New York as the “David Bowie Tribute” at the Carnegie Hall and “The Music of David Bowieat the Radio Music City Hall. Recently David Byne, Kimbra and The Roots performed a cover of “Fame” – celebrated track Bowie wrote along with Carlos Alomar and John Lennon – during the opening of the induction ceremony of Rock & Roll of Fame 2016 edition, which took place in New York at the Barclays Center. These smashing events evidence a known fact, the relevance of a genius, an icon, David Bowie and his artistic heritage, which is eternal.


Svariati concerti ed eventi hanno reso omaggio a David Bowie – artista leggendario venuto a mancare a gennaio – che si sono tenuti a New York quali il “David Bowie Tribute” al Carnegie Hall e “The Music of David Bowie” al Radio Music City Hall. Recentemente David Byne, Kimbra e The Roots hanno eseguito una cover di “Fame” – celebre brano scritto da Bowie insieme a Carlos Alomar e John Lennon – in occasione dell’ apertura della cerimonia di ingresso di nuovi artisti dell’ edizione 2016 della Rock & Roll of Fame 2016 che ha avuto luogo a New York presso il Barclays Center. Questi formidabili eventi testimoniano un fatto notorio, l’ importanza di un genio, un’ icona, David Bowie e della sua eredità artistica che è eterna.

David Bowie, photo by Albert Watson

David Bowie, photo by Albert Watson





David Byrne & Caetano Veloso

The bright, eclectic artist David Byrne and the celebrated musician Caetano Veloso will release on 13th March 2012 the album “Dreamworld” (Nonesuch), resulting from their live performance which was held at New York Carnegie Hall where the artists performed solo and together, accompanied by the cellist Jacques Morelenbaum and percussionist Mauro Refosco, playing many tracks from their solo catalogue as well as several Talking Heads’ songs. A not to be missed album for who love the suggestions of two legendary artists.




David Byrne



Il brillante, eclettico artista David Byrne ed il celebre musicista Caetano Veloso pubblicheranno il 13marzo 2012 l’ album “Dreamworld” (Nonesuch), risultato della loro esibizione che si é tenuta al Carnegie Hall di New York in cui gli artisti si sono esibiti da solisti e insieme, accompagnati dal violoncellista Jacques Morelenbaum ed il percussionista Mauro Refosco, eseguendo svariati brani del loro repertorio da solista come anche diverse canzoni dei Talking Heads. Un album imperdibile per coloro che amano le suggestioni di due artisti leggendari.

Caetano Veloso