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Dropout”, smashing series of events under the sign of music and fashion organized by the bright Lyle Derek – designer of clothing brand God Save New York and film producer of magnificent movie “Squeezebox” – and Noah Valentyn follows with the party celebrating premiere of movie “Beautiful darling”, the documentary by James Rasin – featuring John Waters, Paul Morrisey, Fran Lebowitz and Holly Woodlawn – about the actress Candy Darling – Andy Warhol’s factory star and muse of Velvet Underground – which will be held on 17th April 2011 in New York at Don Hill’s. Here it will perform Misstress Formika, singing “Walk on the wild side” in honor of Candy Darling along with many other artists as Richard Kennedy, MC- Darian Darling, Michael T and the mannequin Dj that will be dressed by Richie Rich. A not to be missed event to celebrate an unforgettable, iconic artist.


Dropout”, formidabile serie di eventi all’insegna di musica e moda, organizzato dal brillante Lyle Derek – designer del brand di abbigliamento God Save New York e produttore del magnifico film “Squeezebox” – e Noah Valentyn, prosegue con il party che celebra la prima del film with “Beautiful darling”, il documentario di James Rasin – con John Waters, Paul Morrisey, Fran Lebowitz e Holly Woodlawn – sull’attrice Candy Darling – stella della factory di Andy Warhol e musa dei Velvet Underground – che si terrà il will be held on “Fuck Fashion Week” which will be held on 17aprile 2011 a New York presso il Don Hill’s. Ivi si esibirà Misstress Formika, cantando “Walk on the wild side” in onore di Candy Darling unitamente a molti altri artisti quali Richard Kennedy, MC- Darian Darling, Michael T ed il Dj manichino che sarà vestito da Richie Rich. Un evento imperdibile per celebrare un’ indimenticabile, iconica artista.