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Lotus Evora S Freddie Mercury edition

Today, twenty years after the death – due to HIV – of the legendary singer Freddie Mercury, front-man of Queen band, it will be will be sold by auction during the event “Freddie for a day”, organized by the charity Mercury Phoenix Trust, the Lotus Evora S Freddie Mercury Edition, an unique car created to celebrate his sixty-fifth birthday. The aesthetics of car is inspired to the colors of costume worn by the artist during the Magic Tour in 1986 – white, red and gold – emphasized by other details as the silhouette of artist and its signature appearing on the back of care. The proceeds resulting from the sale will be donated for the research against HIV. A successful initiative to remind an unforgettable artist.


Lotus Evora S Freddie Mercury Edition

Oggi, venti anni dopo la morte – dovuta all’ HIV – del leggendario cantante Freddie Mercury, leader dei Queen, sarà venduta all’asta in occasione dell’evento “Freddie for a day”, organizzato dall’ associazione di beneficienza Mercury Phoenix Trust, la Lotus Evora S Freddie Mercury Edition, un’automobile unica creata per celebrare il suo sessantacinquesimo compleanno. L’estetica dell’automobile si ispira ai colori del costume indossato dall’artista durante il Magic Tour nel 1986 – bianco, rosso ed oro -, enfatizzata da altri dettagli quali la silhouette dell’artista e la sua firma che appare nella parte posteriore della macchina. I ricavati della vendita saranno donati per la ricerca contro l’HIV. Una felice iniziativa per ricordare un’artista indimenticabile.