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Lou Reed, by Andy Fluon

Lou Reed, by Andy Fluon

Lou Reed recently died, it’s a huge loss, though he will live forever, will be eternal in our minds and in our heart like his music. That is the marvelous gift he gave us and the way I like reminding and celebrating him.


Lou Reed è morto di recente, una grande perdita, benché vivrà per sempre, eterno nelle nostre menti e nei nostri cuori come la sua musica. Questo è lo splendido regalo che ci ha fatto e il modo in cui mi piace ricordarlo e celebrarlo.


A smashing soundtrack along with many portraits of legendary artists as Blondie, Ramones, Patti Smith, Police, Lou Reed, Talking heads and Iggy Pop features in CGGB, movie directed by Randall Miller, telling about the story of celebrated New York club CBGB (Country Bluegrass and Blues), place where the rock and roll and punk was born. The movie which will be presented on Fall in USA, talks about the club owned by Hilly Kristal, interpreted by Alan Rickman(the cast includes also Ashley Greene, Donald Logue, Ryan Hurst, Johnny Galecki, Stana Katic and Rupert Grint), who supported the artists to every cost and obliged them to perform in the club, singing just only their original music and no covers. A smashing portrait of an age, a prolific age for rock, a not to be missed movie for all the ones who are devoted to music and its suggestions.


Una formidabile colonna sonora unitamente a plurimi ritratti di artisti leggendari quali Blondie, Ramones, Patti Smith, Police, Lou Reed, Talking heads e Iggy Pop sono i protagonisti di CGGB, film diretto da Randall Miller che racconta la storia del celebre club newyorkese CBGB (Country Bluegrass and Blues) luogo in cui è nato il rock and roll e il punk. Il film che sarà presentato in autunno negli USA, parla del club di proprietà di Hilly Kristal, interpretato da Alan Rickman(il cast include anche Ashley Greene, Donald Logue, Ryan Hurst, Johnny Galecki, Stana Katic e Rupert Grint), che supportava gli artisti a ogni costo e li obbligava a esibirsi nel club, suonando soltantola loro musica e nessuna cover. Un suggestivo ritratto di un’ epoca, un’ epoca feconda per il rock, un film imperdibile per tutti coloro che sono devote alla musica ed alle sue suggestioni.

The Ramones on film, still image from CBGB by Randal Miller

The Ramones on film, still image from CBGB by Randall Miller


The celebrated songwriter Lou Reed and heavy-metal band Metallica recently released the album “Lulu”(Warner Records), featuring a series of tracks written by Lou Reed for “Lulu plays” – theatrical work produced by Robert Wilson and Berliner Ensemble – inspired to the theatrical works by the expressionist author Frank Wedeking, including “Earth Spirit” and “Pandora’s Box” that are a re-edition of “The Raven” by Edgar Allan Poe. A suggestive work by a smashing team of artists.


Il celebre cantautore Lou Reed e la band heavy-metal Metallica hanno recentemente pubblicato l’album “Lulu”(Warner Records) di cui sono protagonisti una serie di brani scritti da Lou Reed per “Lulu plays” – opera teatrale prodotta da Robert Wilson ed il Berliner Ensemble -, ispirati alle opere teatrali dello scrittore espressionista Frank Wedeking, include “Earth Spirit” e “Pandora’s Box” che sono una rielaborazione di “Il corvo” di Edgar Allan Poe. Una  suggestiva opera di un formidabile team di artisti.